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About The Walnut Place

Robert Beauchamp founded The Walnut Place on the premise of offering woodworkers and luthiers a place to come and purchase lumber from a company that understands how they will put the wood to use.

Experienced Furniture Maker and Sawyer

Robert has been milling walnut lumber and has been making custom furniture for over 33 years. I understand fully the challenges that face every woodworker starting a new project. You can view some of the furniture I have made at Making Furniture, The Walnut Place

I understand how important the selection of material is in making your projects go as smoothly as possible. I also understand the complexity of matching wood for panels or drawers fronts to matching wood throughout a fine piece of furniture. My goal is to sell wood to you that I would like to use in my own projects.

When I select wood for your project, I will do so with as much care and consideration as if I were choosing it for my own projects. You can be assured I will be selecting it through the eyes of a woodworker making the best choice I can on your behalf. If you ask me to provide you with beautifully figured matching boards for a table top, you can be assured I understand what you are looking for, and that what I send out will certainly make a beautifully figured matching table top.

Note to Luthiers

Over the years, I have become acquainted with many luthiers and am learning to understand the lumber needs they have. I have several thousand board feet of beautifully cut quarter sawn claro walnut (CA black walnut) and paradox (Bastogne) walnut. As well as having a lot of very figured wood for sale, I offer custom milling of the wood to fit your needs. I am able to re-saw boards up to 12” wide and can wide belt sand them to your desired thickness. All instrument blank sets that are shipped out are wrapped in plastic to protect the boards from moisture during shipping. The shop rate for custom milling is $80/hr. If you need me to mill some wood and it takes 15 minutes, you pay for 15 minutes of time, not a full hour.
Tree Ready for Removal

All of my Lumber Comes From Salvage Logging Projects!

These include trees such as:
  • Trees that were standing but dead or dying (due to disease or old age) which I removed.
  • Trees I am given from tree trimmers who have removed them for clients.
  • Trees knocked down from storms, or trees which are slated for removal because of imminent road or building construction.
Robert has been milling lumber for over 30 years. I believe each tree should have the opportunity to have a second use as beautiful furniture. I hope you will find the color, figure, and beauty in the wood I offer.

Thank you for visiting The Walnut Place.

- Robert