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Welcome to Robert Beauchamp?s The Walnut Place!

I specialize in claro walnut (California black walnut) and paradox walnut (Bastogne walnut). I take great pride in keeping boards together in matched sets of 2 or 4 cuts or in sequentially cut quarters of a tree. This gives my clients the ability to make a project entirely from lumber out of the same tree, ensuring color and grain continuity. I also keep all the lumber produced from individual trees together in Single Tree Units. This allows clients doing large projects, such as dining sets or bedroom sets, the ability to purchase and use matching wood throughout their projects. My walnut lumber ranges from non-figured wood to the highest quality figure, suitable for the finest instruments.

As a furniture maker, I understand your need for material to fit your projects. I do my best to select wood that fits your needs based on your description of your project. I also understand the need for quality lumber. I like to sell lumber as though I were buying it. So when I scale the lumber you will be purchasing, I round down to the nearest ?? for width, and the nearest ? foot in length. My lumber is all cut thick off the mill. My 4/4 material is cut at 1 ?? thick, 1 ?? material is cut at 1 ?? thick, and 2? material is cut at 2 5/16? thick. By doing this, you get to work with lumber that will give you a better chance to get the dimensions you are looking for in your projects.

As my inventory changes, I try to keep updating photos on the website. But due to the volume of lumber I have on hand at any one time, I am only able to place around 3% to 5% of my inventory on the website. If you are in need of larger quantities of lumber than you see on the website, please, give me a call and I will let you what I have that will help you get your project completed.

I also carry limited quantities of other woods, such as, camphor, sycamore (London plain), and California black oak.